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I don’t know about you, but I’m a note pad kind of person. I have to write things down or they escape my brain, often, never to return.  I have notepads and post it notes EVERY WHERE!! No kidding, I have them in my bathroom where I do my hair and makeup, in my night stand, in my office in several drawers, bins, baskets and shelves, I have them by the computer, in the computer desk drawer, in the roll top desk, on the fridge, beside the fridge, on a shelf near the fridge…oh boy, I may have too many…because I’m not even close to being done telling you where all I keep note pads. Besides my night stand, one of the most essential places to keep a note pad, is in the car. I use mine ALL the time. That’s what stop lights are for…writing grocery lists, to do lists, etc…short lists, there’s not much time.
This handy little note card holder has a built in pen holder, so it’s not only cute but super functional! I made this for my upline Wendy Cranford. She’s a busy lady with lots to do, a good candidate for needing a notepad set!

I used the Eastern Palace Suite Bundle, still available through the end of May. I also used the Decorative Label Punch, my go-to punch for quite a few years now, that I have to bid farewell to. Yes, I could still use it, but that wouldn’t be very nice of me to use it and my customers will think it’s available for purchase only to find that it is no longer being produced. Better to use the new stuff. The Dapper Denim Ribbon is also retiring.

Decorative Label Punch

Dapper Denim Ribbon

 Eastern Palace Suite Starter Kit

Eastern Palace Kit

2 Responses to “Note Pad and Pen Set Goes Anywhere”

  1. Patti Costales

    Cute way to spice up a plain ole notepad. We were using the post it note pad holder you made today. 🙂



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