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January 22, 2018

    Valentines Day always makes my heart happy! I have more Valentines Day cards to make now that we’ve added 3 really awesome people to our family, both my daughter’s husbands and my son’s wife! More about our family tradition below the Card Collage…

WMHeart Happiness Collage

   I started a Valentines Day family tradition before all our kids could write. Each member of the family would write a love letter to each other family member. When the kids were little, they told me or my husband what to write for them. Oh how fun to go back and read them now! It was such a special time! From our son’s short and sweet notes to his sisters, to one he writes: “Your good at piano” and to the other he writes: “You are fun to play with” to the much wordier paragraphs from our two girls, my husbands sweet and observant notes of love and my efforts to try and express a love so big that there just aren’t words for…yes, Valentines Day has full to the brim, bursting with love memories of raising our kids! We have done one long letter to everyone since the kids have had partners, last year we missed it due to the great pain I was in with my back. This year, each of them will get a love note from me. And someday…the grandbabies will get their own Valentines.

    The following card uses the Masking Technique. I used framelits to cut out “full sticky back” postit notes for the masking. It’s an easy card to do and I love it! The ladies at my January Card Buffet made this card.

JANCB3 Collage

    If you are looking for and don’t already have a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I would happy to be yours! I’m happy to answer product and technique questions.  If I know, I’ll tell you the answer. If I don’t know, I’ll find you the answer! I would be thrilled if you left a comment, question or suggestion in the comments section below all the products.

    All of the products used in my projects are available in my online store, just click on the products you would like and it will take you directly to my store!

  Please remember to use the Hostess Code at checkout!

Price: $16.00


7 Responses to “Heart Happiness”

  1. Terry West

    What a very cool tradition! The fact that they are still doing it as adults is amazing and a testament to the loving home they grew up in. Congratulations to you and your husband.


  2. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful Valentine cards! I especially love the floral heart stamp… such pretty coloring on your card!
    Love your family tradition on the Valentine cards!


  3. Debie Deschaine

    Thank you so much Denise for all your encouraging comments! I’m hoping my kids will keep up the tradition when they have kids. You have another entry in the drawing!!


  4. Jeanne Lohr

    Love the Valentine’s tradition! There’s never too much love being shared!
    Love all your Valentine’s!!



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