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June 11th 2018

      This bundled set is already one of my favorites…I just want to sit on those benches with those flower filled gardens surrounding me. I can also imagine a cup of coffee…or a glass of wine in my hand. Maybe by myself for some quiet moments or with my hubby for some relaxation…

    Scroll down if you want to see the bench…swing bench…I sit on occasionally in my back yard!

WMSitting Pretty Collage

     You can’t really see it in the picture but the wood bench has more depth than the rest of the elements on this card. Below is a simple tutorial, so you can try this out and see what you think. The “wrought iron” bench is heat embossed…with Stampin’ Up!’s new Black Embossing Powder…boy am I glad to have that back!

WMbench tutorial Collage

     I was selective in taking pictures, mostly in our backyard. Our gardens are in bad need of some love. I haven’t touched it since Fall of 2016. I was out all last year with a back injury that ended in surgery last August. It wasn’t until just a couple weeks ago that I thought I might be able to garden again…maybe even this summer! My husband has had frozen shoulder for about the same period of time as my back. Needless to say, our garden could use some sprucing up but there are still some really pretty things growing as you can see. And there is my arbor swing…I love sitting there on a warm summer night.

Garden pics Collage

If you are looking for and don’t already have a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I would happy to be yours! I’m happy to answer product and technique questions.  If I know, I’ll tell you the answer. If I don’t know, I’ll find you the answer! I would be thrilled if you left a comment, question or suggestion in the comments section below all the products.

  All of the products used in my projects are available in my online store, just click on the products you would like and it will take you directly to my store!

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Price: $110.00


9 Responses to “Sitting Pretty”

    • Denise Bryant

      I’d sit outside more often, but the mosquitos are keeping me indoors…. they love me too much!


      • luv2stampwithdebgmailcom

        Lol, my youngest daughter is that way too!, the mosquitoes love her! We’re windy here in Suisun so we don’t have too much trouble with mosquitoes fortunately.


  1. Denise Bryant

    Would you like me to catch some and send them your way…. hahaha! We have plenty over here! My hubby makes sure we have no standing water in our yard, but we still seem to get lots of them.


    • Denise Bryant

      I have even tried taking Vitamin B complex supplements, and that doesn’t stop them either. Wish there was a better remedy I knew of!


      • luv2stampwithdebgmailcom

        Lol, no thanks…when the wind dies down we get them here too, but not as bad as you guys do! I hadn’t heard of taking vit B complex as a potential remedy, I’ll pass that on to my daughter. Maybe it will work for her.
        Maybe a mosquito netting “suit”?? Can you even get mosquito netting these days?


  2. Denise Bryant

    I don’t know about the netting. Those little insects can sure ruin a nice outing though. I’d love to be able to sit outside and enjoy my yard!
    Let me know if the vitamin B complex helps your daughter! I took it for about 2 weeks then I ran out. I will get more and try again…



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