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When you can't hug in person, send a Handmade Hug you created, with Stamps, Paper & Ink!

November 9th, 2018

 As you are reading this, I am in Orlando, Florida for the Stampin’ Up! 30 Year Anniversary, Onstage Convention!!! I just can’t tell you how fun and exciting it is…and all the “stuff” we’re getting!!! I will have to do a blog post to show you all what I got! In the meantime, I’ll share a little about what I’ve been doing with my business this past weekend and 3 more weekends in November.

This is my first Holiday Craft Fair “Season”.  You have probably guessed that the man sitting there in the blue t-shirt is my incredibly supportive and sweet hubby! I’m so blessed!! He surprises me how much he remembers about my hobby/business, because other than wanting to support me, he has zero interest in stamping, lol!  You should hear him talk to the people that come to our booth. He tells them all about my classes and gives them all kinds of product info! I love it!!holly Days VV2018 Collage

So, I have attended many a Craft Fair as a patron and LOVE, LOVE them!! There is so much creativity to see! However, I never thought that I would actually want to be a vendor at one of these events…I thought…B-o-r-i-n-g. It’s the exact opposite!! All day long we get to meet and visit with so many people! There’s also a very friendly camaraderie amongst all the vendors.  We have been loving it! I get to show people the craft that I love and meet people that either love card making too, or people that are being introduced to it for the first time and some people stop by just to appreciate your work.  Four women signed up for my November class, which I’m excited about!! They all seemed like very nice women and I’m looking forward to getting to know them!

Until next time, give yourself a little creative therapy time!

luv Deb




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