Stamping Handmade Hugs

When you can't hug in person, send a Handmade Hug you created, with Stamps, Paper & Ink!

November 12th, 2018,

This was a fun Craft Fair, the local Rotary Club sponsored it. All the proceeds are headed to the local After School Programs. I can certainly stand behind that!

Take note of the couple in the picture at the lower right hand corner. What a sweet couple! I chatted with them for a bit on one of my early rounds to all the booths. They were just so happy go lucky! He was sweetly teasing her and she responded with smiles and adoring eyes. It was plain to see how much affection they had for each other.

Rotary Club Collage

There was Christmas music playing most of the day,  near the end of the day, to my complete delight…my favorite couple were dancing. And dancing well, with graceful, fluid movement, I might add. I just couldn’t help myself, I had to applaud when the song ended, yep, with tears in my eyes. They sat back down for a bit…but they obviously couldn’t resist the music and were up dancing again in very short order! This time when they were done, the room erupted in clapping and appreciation for the privilege of witnessing such a tender scene.  To me, they represent all the happily married couples dream…to grow old gracefully with our best friend, our partner for life. I hope my husband and I will be that couple, that is still healthy and continuing to love life and each other…spry, enough so as not to betray our numbers of years here in our temporary home…and enjoying each moment…together.


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