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December 5, 2018,

   I saw some wine tags, recently…the kind that has a hole at the top that slips over the neck of the wine bottle, they were so cute! I planned to make some of those, and I still will, but I wanted to make some Wine Gift Bags first. You could also put Sparkling Cider or whatever your drink of choice is. I’ll be selling these at a Holiday Craft Fair this weekend.

Scroll down if you’d like to see some tips on how I made the Glimmer/Pool Party snowflake front of the bag.

1aWMwine bags Collage

Here are some tips…

1btipswm Collage

Sizes of wine gift bags vary a little bit, so cutting dimensions would vary. Trust yourself, cut a little bigger than you think you want and trim down from there! You can do it!

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