Head shot                                                                                                                                  Since being introduced to stamping nearly 20 years ago, I’ve been hooked! I think it’s the perfect craft. With SU! products, an average crafter like myself can create beautiful projects in a short period of time.

I love crafting of all kinds, but making cards is my all time favorite. It is therapeutic while creating at home as well as making cards with a group of fun ladies! And…it’s so fun to teach new techniques! I love to give my creations away to friends and family, and hear them ask, “This is beautiful, did you make this?” or  “Wow, I’ll never throw this away!”

When I’m not creating, I’m with my husband and best friend, Brian. As often as possible we love to spend time with our grown children and their spouses. Each one of them is a joy to spend time with, and they’re a riot when they’re all together!!

My husband and I teach a Bible Study class in our home and we learn just as much as we teach, from our fabulous small group. We love God and His son, Jesus and we never cease to be amazed by His perfect wisdom, love and grace!

We love to go to movies or go camping with friends and sometimes just the two of us. We also love to watch…I’m almost afraid to admit this… but we love to watch The Walking Dead, yep, we are fans…I know…but it really is about the story!

I hope you enjoy my posts and are inspired to create some cards yourself! Not all creations will be my own, which is perfectly acceptable in the card making circle…CASE…Copy And Share Everything! Whenever possible I will give credit to the creator.

Be inspired and enjoy creating!