Alison is my youngest daughters best friend, she is also our “bonus daughter”, she doesn’t need another Mom, hers is fabulous…and her Mom is alot of the reason Alison is so fabulous. We just decided to adopt her and her fiance’ into our family, too! My daughter is her Maid of Honor and threw her a Bridal Shower this past Saturday. Of course, I offered to make the favors and Thank you notes!
 Except for the ink, all of these products are now retired or will retire on June first. But look how charming these are!! I’m so glad I got this die cut when I had the chance, which leads me to my point…If there’s a product available that you LOVE, not just love, one you just have to have…well, my vote is to get it, because once it’s retired it’s too late!! I bought this die when my youngest was still in high school. I played with it quite a bit, but never gave any away.  I finally got to make a bunch and give them away! It’s so fun seeing everyone’s delight, not only about the cuteness factor but the  that they get to take one home for themself!

I hope these creations inspire you to not only create something beautiful, but to give it away to someone you care about, to experience the joy of giving from your heart!